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Cooked marzipan

Belgian Marzipan

  • Fresh Belgian marzipan.
  • Pack of 5, 10 or 20 cooked marzipan.
  • Made by true Belgian people from Liege!

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This is a place where you can order true Belgian Marzipan homemade by Liege born and raised people.

Because we know how to do them well, you will not be disappointed. These goodies are entirely home made, following a ancestral Belgian recipes with quality ingredients.

Our artisanal marzipan is a goodie entirely home made, following an ancestral Belgian recipe with quality ingredients.
The traditional Liegeoise recipe brough success for more than a century to this delicious heart shape piece of heaven.
The ingredients are 100% natural that release an exceptional aroma to the goodie.
In Belgium your will find marzipan in all the confiseries along with chocolat figurines in the winter season and of course Christmas time.

  • We only ship on Tuesday.
  • Our Marzipan is shipped fresh (not frozen), wrapped to keep their freshness.

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Belgium marzipan

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